Hi. I’m Lee Yujong, a student studying Software in Sungkyunkwan University. I’m interested in Programming Language, Visualization, and Technology-Based-Startups. I enjoy learning new things, especially new Programming Language. I have experience programming C, Perl, Python, Processing, and Io. Also, I tasted a little bit of the concept of Ruby, Racket, and Nodejs.


I don’t have any working experience yet. I’ve done some side-projects, but I just started to upload and manage them on github.

I gave a Physics lecture to Korean CSAT examinees. I taught 25 people in total and the total class time is 300 hours. The class size was between one and ten. Most of them were top ranker. Tuition was free for some students who were unable to pay.


You can contact me by email. There is no fixed email-checking time, but if you haven’t received my reply for more than a week, you may assume that I won’t reply to that email in the future too. My email is yujonglee at g.skku.edu.


I’m serving in the Korean Army to fulfill my military duty. The service ends on February 25, 2021.

Last update : 2020/08/11